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Worlds Best Specialised Cleaning have been providing graffiti services in Adelaide since 1975. We have extensive knowledge on products and application on all surfaces and pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction.





Maximum Protection

If you are looking to protect a surface or artwork against graffiti and grime look no further. Our permanent and sacrificial wax coatings can be applied to almost any exterior surface such as brick, stone, masonry, wooden fences, marble, terrazzo, exposed aggregate, concrete ect. Once applied our coating is virtually invisible and you can rest assured knowing that your surface/ artwork has the maximum protection. 

Expert Service

We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. Our extensive knowledge of our products and their application means you can be confident in knowing that we can remove even the toughest graffiti without damaging the surface we are removing from. We use a large range of products that have been tried and tested over 45 year in the business to enable us to remove graffiti from almost all surfaces from residential homes, fences, stone work, brick, signage, trains, businesses, roads, transport infrastructure, commercial buildings and community spaces such as playgrounds, parks, skate parks and public toilets - just to name a few. 

Graffiti Wall


Punctual and Professional

Worlds Best Specialised Cleaning have been providing ongoing graffiti maintenance for many local councils and property management business in Adelaide with outstanding customer satisfaction.  If you have a number of sites or properties that are frequently hit with graffiti get in contact with our friendly team to organise a routine graffiti inspection and removal. This service is great for saving you time and providing peace of mind knowing that you wont need to worry about graffiti and the visual impact on your properties . We will inspect the sites at a frequency that best suits the needs of the situation and remove all graffiti present.

 For offensive and urgent matters we can also attend promptly outside of the routine inspection times to keep your business or site looking great at all times.

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